National Data Collection Project

What is it?

An Australia-wide research and data collection project that surveys basic anonymous information on each weekly SMART Recovery meeting, in order to get a better understanding of SMART Recovery and the addiction landscape in Australia, and to give facilitators easy access to support and information about their meetings.

How it works

  • 30 minutes after each SMART Recovery Australia meeting finishes, the facilitator/s that run that particular meeting will receive an automated email.
  • This will contain a link to a very short mobile-friendly survey asking four quick one-answer questions.
  • It should only take two minutes to complete and facilitators can do so straight from the convenience of their mobile phone.
  • After completion, the facilitator can view private data on their own meeting or public aggregated data on all SMART Recovery Australia meetings at a state and national level.

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3 simple steps (approx. 2 minutes)

Step 1. Click on the link in the message.
Step 2. Answer four quick questions about the meeting:

  • Did the meeting run?
  • How many people attended?
  • What sex were they?
  • What addictions were discussed?

Step 3. Click ‘SUBMIT’ button.

Why it’s beneficial

The information will allow all SMART Recovery collaborators to more effectively deliver, understand and evaluate mutual aid and SMART Recovery in relation to the addiction landscape in Australia.

Facilitators will be able to access and view their own private meeting statistics. As well as gaining insights into attendance trends and progress, facilitators can also potentially utilise their data to apply for grants and funding.

Data on each individual meeting will be completely private and viewable only to facilitators of that meeting. Wider broad statistics at a state and national level will be accessible to all, providing great information on the how the SMART Recovery program operates in Australia and what addictions are being addressed nationally.

More information

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact SMART Recovery Australia:

E: [email protected]
Ph: 02 9373 5100



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