Choose your
own path to a
healthier future

SMART Recovery meetings offer
a supportive environment to
achieve behaviour change goals
of your choice around alcohol & other
drug use, or any behaviours of concern. 


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SMART Recovery online meeting

Support meetings

Our online SMART Recovery meetings are guided by trained facilitators and cater to all forms of addiction. Participants set their own goals and path to success using a range of evidence-based tools and techniques.

We also offer in-person SMART Recovery meetings but some are on hold due to COVID-19. Please check individual meeting listings for more information and call ahead before attending.

Support for family members

Being in a close relationship with someone struggling with addiction is highly stressful. The SMART Family & Friends program aims to help you develop more effective coping strategies. SMART Family & Friends support meetings are now available online. 

SMART Recovery meeting

SMART Recovery is based on a 4-Point Program

1. Build Motivation

2. Cope with urges

3. Problem solving

4. Lifestyle balance

What people say

"Since attending SMART Recovery meetings I have learnt a range of tools to assist me in managing my drinking. I have been able to explore the psychology surrounding my drinking habits, analyse when I am susceptible to binge drinking, evaluate the consequences of such actions and set clear, definable goals which I actively work towards each week."​
"I had previously attended AA meetings but they didn't really agree with me. SMART Recovery was a breath of fresh air and allowed me to take control of things in a way that made sense to me. The meetings aren't a lifetime commitment, instead they taught me the tools I needed to move on with my life."
"I have been attending SMART Recovery meetings for the past 15 months as part of my recovery from an ice addiction. The CBT based focus of SMART has helped me remain abstinent by assisting me to identify strategies that I can use to combat cravings and triggers, and to develop plans to deal with troubling situations as they arise."

Start running the SMART Recovery program 

SMART for treatment providers

SMART Recovery is an evidence-led, globally recognised addiction treatment program.

Our training and program membership packages include everything you or your organisation requires to start and run the SMART program, including how to run online meetings. 

Our e-learning courses are available online and on-demand, providing Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) and mental health workers, as well as community volunteers, the training and resources to start facilitating online or in-person addiction support groups.

Some of our partners

The SMART Recovery program is used by Australia's leading alcohol and other drugs and mental health service providers.

Other SMART Recovery resources

Support manuals

We have a range of self-help manuals designed to support individuals and family members affected by addiction. 

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