This year, we are encouraging you to become a SMART Santa by donating to our Family & Friends program to help us support the support person. By becoming a SMART Santa you are helping to create more support groups for Loved Ones to access guidance, understanding, care, community and a shoulder to learn on. Some families survive Christmas, you can help them thrive.

Any donation is worthwhile and can help us really make a difference.

How your donations helps
Donation Benefit to participant
$50 Participant manual
$80 Participant manual and a branded shirt
$500 Youth Training
$1200 Inperson training for professionals

Become a SMART Santa

Donate to our Family & Friends program to help us support the support person.


SMART Recovery Facilitator training courses

Become a qualified SMART Recovery Facilitator and run a SMART Meeting with your Clients or in your Organisation. Once qualified you can add new modules to your learning for Family & Friends, Youth, Justice, First Nations and more. 


Start, run and manage your group online

The new SMART Recovery Facilitator Portal enables trained Facilitators to start, manage and promote SMART Recovery Meetings alongside helpful guides, tools and resources.


Become a SMART Member organisation for great deals on training and manuals

Join us as a member organisation to get access to all the products and services you need to start helping others with the SMART Recovery method.