It’s almost six months since SMART Recovery Australia launched its National Data Collection Project, in conjunction with the organisation’s Research Advisory Committee.

The aim of the project was to automate real-time reporting on every SMART Recovery meeting across Australia, to better understand the addiction landscape and how the program operated at a state and national level. In addition, the organisation wanted to provide an instant and accessible feedback and support mechanism for all facilitators.

All of the data is anonymous and is collected through facilitators completing a quick online questionnaire at the end of each meeting.


How it works?


The questions:

  • Did the meeting run?
  • How many people attended?
  • What sex were they?
  • Which addictions did first-time attendees discuss?



Summary of findings (10 Oct, 2016 – 1 Apr, 2017)

The following results have been derived from 2749 meeting surveys completed by facilitators across Australia.

  • The average number of participants (not including the facilitator) at SMART Recovery meetings = 6
  • Percentage of New Vs. Returning Attendees: 80% of meeting attendees are return visitors, 20% are attending for that particular meeting for the first time.
  • Gender: 67% of participants are male, 33% female
  • Percentage different addictions led new attendees to attend a meeting (cited by Facilitators):
    • Alcohol: 45%
    • Amphetamines: 30%
    • Heroin: 5%
    • Cannabis: 10%
    • Pharmaceutical: 5%
    • Other: 5%

You can view the ongoing results of the SMART Recovery Australia National Data Collection Project here. 


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