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SMART Recovery Australia are very excited to announce that we’re making some changes to the way we are structured.

The range of services we provide has broadened over recent years, and now includes online training, manuals, worksheets, ongoing research led by our industry-leading Research Advisory Committee. We’ve developed an award-winning family & friends program based on the SMART model. As we grow as an organisation, we must become more financially viable. Doing so will enable SMART Recovery Australia to invest in research and development of new products and services, and to provide a greater level of support to organisations using the SMART Recovery model.

As a result, the cost to organisations who run a SMART meeting will slightly increase. 

Previously, organisations only had to pay for a training spot once, but moving forward there will be a subscription fee required to run a SMART meeting. This subscription fee can either be monthly or annual: the choice is yours. This will include:

  • A licence to use SMART Recovery Australia’s intellectual property, including our trademarks and the right to run SMART meetings
  • SMART Webinars covering CBT, motivational interviewing and more
  • Ongoing cutting-edge addiction recovery research
  • Promotional materials such as posters and brochures
  • Promotional support through SRAU channels, including our website and social media presence
  • On demand coaching and support for your staff
  • Our exclusive online community with forums, newsletters and more
  • Weekly data collection
  • The SMART Track mobile app for participants
  • Ongoing training discounts – $799 per head for additional face to face training attendance vs $899 for non subscribers – that is, individuals not affiliated with a subscribing organisation

Subscribing to SMART Recovery Australia will allow our valued partner organisations to deliver Australia’s only award-winning evidence-based addiction recovery mutual aid program. We’ve put together a range of price points, depending on the number of active facilitators within an organisation running SMART meetings:

In addition to this, we are currently developing the following:

  • Program for participants directed to us by the legal system
  • Early intervention project through high schools and tertiary institutions

From February 1, 2020, any organisations running a SMART meeting who have not subscribed, or started the subscription process, will no longer be supported by SRAU. We will have to remove the meeting from our website and cease providing any program support to facilitators within unlicenced organisations.

Please note that meetings operated by community-based volunteers do not require a SMART Recovery Australia subscription package.

Subscriptions will be available to purchase soon, but we highly encourage anyone who would like to get ahead of the pack and ensure that their organisation can continue running SMART meetings to sign up today. Charges will commence on February 1, 2020, after which SMART Recovery Australia will commence revoking our support of any meetings running without a licence.

For any questions, contact [email protected] or call us on 02 9373 5100.