Tools & Worksheets

SMART Recovery uses evidence-based tools and techniques to help people manage problematic addictive behaviours. Please feel free to access a small selection of worksheets below that may be helpful.

If you wish to access further resources, you may consider purchasing our SMART Recovery participant manual.

If you are a treatment provider wanting to learn the full SMART Recovery program, we offer SMART Recovery Facilitator Training 100% online, which includes a comprehensive SMART Recovery Facilitator Manual.   

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Stages of Change

We all go through various stages of change when we are trying to break old habits and develop new ones. We are all at different stages of readiness for change. Where are you currently? (The Stages of Change model has more recently been depicted as a spiral, which you can view here).

Cost Benefit Analysis / Decisional Balance

This tool will help you explore and resolve ambivalence. It will help you to weigh up the pros and cons of certain thoughts, behaviours and choices, before making a final decision.

Change Motivation Assessment

How do you feel about changing your behaviour? How confident are you about changing?

Change Plan Exercise

How will you plan for making changes?

Maintaining Motivation Worksheet

How will you stay on track and maintain your motivation?

Urge Log

Be aware and keep track of urges or desires to engage in certain thoughts and behaviours that are not healthy or helpful.


How do we understand and challenge certain thoughts, feelings and behaviours and develop suitable responses instead of just reacting?

Problem Solving Worksheet

How do we identify and define problems in order to find helpful solutions?

Planning & Goal Setting

Look at your short, medium and long term goals and how to plan in order to achieve them.

Setting SMART Goals

Here you will learn how to set Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed Goals.


What would you like to do more or less of?

The Weekly Planner

How will you establish more structure in daily life?

Planning An Enjoyable Life Worksheet

How will you plan enjoyable and meaningful activities?

Lifestyle Balance Activities Checklist

What activities do you think you might enjoy?

How to Practice Mindfulness

Here's a technique to help with stress and anxiety

Usage Log

Keeping track of your behaviour