WIN News recently ran a story featuring SMART Recovery Australia participant (and soon to be facilitator) Robyn Lewis. It’s great to see people like Robyn who have lived experience of addictive behaviour and the cycle of recovery raising awareness of what we do.

Robyn’s acknowledgement of the comorbidity of her mental health with various addiction issues is key to the ongoing success of her recovery, and the recovery of everyone involved in SMART Recovery Australia. Identifying the hurdles we need to overcome is the critical first step in any cycle of change.

One of these hurdles for us as an organisation is the continued use of harmful labels such as “addict” and “alcoholic”. At SMART Recovery Australia, we do our utmost to avoid reducing people to their habits or addictions, and prefer to focus on the individual over the substance.

Congratulations and thanks to Robyn for promoting what we do, and for making a tangible difference in her community.

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