Gday everyone,

My main task here is keeping the office running smoothly.

As SMART Recovery’s new Office Coordinator/proofreader/blogger/general go-to guy I keep myself busy during work hours by answering your phone calls and responding to your emails, in addition to doing the post, booking appointments and any other conceivable means of helping Peter, Ange, Josette, Dan, and Ryan around the office.

Of course, I speak to facilitators, trainees, and participants every day too, so hopefully I’ve managed to be helpful thus far despite only being around here for a few weeks. Right now I’m working on ways to streamline our admin processes to minimise hiccoughs and snags, which should all be in place in the next month or so.

My educational background, unlike many of our facilitators, isn’t in psychology or mental health, but English, so I’ve been doing a fair bit of proofreading and web updates in between my other jobs. You’ll hopefully spot my stubborn love affair with the Oxford comma in the Be SMART manual once that launches.

I’m looking forward to working with our entire SMART Recovery Australia team and keeping you all posted in this blog as to the goings on across the country. This is a very exciting time to be involved in SMART Recovery Australia, so please check in regularly for news and updates.


Office Coordinator

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