You may remember Matt Scarce from an earlier blog post about his recently completed adventure across the Queensland coast. Matt, armed only with a paddleboard, paddle, and his rugged good looks, paddled over 1300 kilometres from Redcliffe to Townsville in a bid to raise awareness for the work we do at SMART Recovery Australia. He spent a whopping 28 days on the water, travelling between 40 and 50 kilometres every day. July 17 doesn’t just mark the beginning of Matt’s ocean adventure, however. It’s also the anniversary of his sobriety, now entering his ninth year, and a lifelong reminder of the day Matt decided to embrace the future.

Check out Matt’s moving arrival in Townsville here:


Matt says “the life I have today is better than I could have ever imagined. I want to share my experience, strength, and hope and inspire people who identify with my story to change themselves, and live a life they never imagined, too.”


To find out more visit Matt’s website, SUP 4 Sobriety by clicking here 


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