Weekly Planner

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Tool Overview

Once you have set some specific goals and broken them down into smaller, specific steps, the weekly planner can be useful for keeping these goals on track and ensuring that you are taking active steps towards achieving them.

Life may have become chaotic while you were engaging in your addictive behaviors. Routine has usually gone by the wayside. The weekly planner can help you identify things that you want to make more habitual and help you establish structure in your day-to-day life.

By ticking off completed activities on your weekly planner, you can develop a sense of achievement, boosting your self confidence and self esteem.

When to Use This Tool

After setting SMART goals for the week ahead.

How To Use This Tool

After Instruct the participant to fill out the weekly planner and tick off the activities once they are completed.

Example Scenarios

PDF 05/16/2023

Weekly Planner Example Scenario