Refusal Skills

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Tool Overview

When others invite us to engage in a behaviour of concern, this can be one of the most difficult triggers to resist. It's a very common stumbling block on the path to change. Being prepared in advance for these situations and developing refusal skills can increase the chance of successfully avoiding a slip-up.

You can use the supportive environment of a SMART meeting to practice your refusal skills by role-playing how you would handle certain situations.

When to Use This Tool

If you are concerned about a situation where you might have difficulty saying no, role-playing different ways you could handle a situation can be very useful.

How To Use This Tool

Role play scenarios within your SMART meeting or with a trusted friend between meetings so you can practice your refusal skills when invited to engage in a behaviour of concern.

Example Scenarios

PDF 05/16/2023

Refusal Skills Examples Scenario 1

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Refusal Skills Example Scenario 2