SMART Recovery Australia

Online Meeting Group Agreements

SMART (Self Management and Recovery Training) is a mutual aid, self-help group where people come together, not only to help themselves, but to help each other. It is recommended that you ask each other relevant questions and share ideas about what has worked well for you. You, the participants, are the experts by experience.

Because most SMART Recovery meetings are online, the guidelines have needed to be amended. But the ethos of SMART Recovery has not changed. It is still very much about SELF MANAGEMENT.

SMART Recovery Australia – Online Meeting Group Agreements

  • Be on time for the meeting. If you are late, the facilitator may not grant you access to the meeting room
  • Keep all you hear in confidence
  • Show respect and kindness
  • Stay focused and on task
  • Avoid long war stories – stay in the present
  • Avoid labels eg ‘alcoholic’, ‘junkie’, ‘loser’ in relation to yourself and others
  • No drug/alcohol/crime raving
  • Do not have drug paraphernalia in the background or on the screen
  • Do not smoke whilst visible on screen
  • Stay seated during the meeting time
  • Out of courtesy, please state in the chat box if you are leaving the meeting early
  • Use the chat box to share helpful and practical suggestions about what has worked for you
  • If you require meeting attendance verification, then you must stay for the entire meeting.