Motivational Interviewing: Guiding clients to make beneficial changes

Dr Robert Fullerton
Clinical Psychologist

This webinar was published by the Matilda Centre from the University of Sydney as part if their Comorbidity Guidelines. 

By the end of this webinar, attendees will gain:

  • An understanding of Transtheoretical Model of Change
  • An awareness of what Motivational Interviewing is and when it is useful
  • Knowledge of the spirit and principles of Motivational Interviewing
  • An understanding of the core communication skills of Motivational Interviewing that lead to behaviour change

About the presenter:
Dr Robert Fullerton is an associate Clinical Psychologist at ST&A Psychology, Clinical Supervisor, and Clinical Director of Feel the MagicTM, a charity that supports grieving children and their families. He holds a Dual PhD in Clinical and Industrial-Organisational Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology and has 12 years of experience applying Motivational Interviewing in government-funded, university counselling, and private practice treatment settings. Robert is dedicated to building collaborative therapeutic partnerships with clients based on respect for their autonomy, compassion for their ambivalence around change, and belief in the personal strengths they can leverage in service of changing patterns of behaviour that compromise their wellbeing.