Lifestyle Balance Pie

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Tool Overview

The lifestyle balance pie helps us to visually map out which areas of life are important to us and which areas need greater attention.

When to Use This Tool

When talking about point 4: Lifestyle balance.

How To Use This Tool

  1. Label each slice of ‘pie’ with an area of your life that is important to you. For example, family, friends, spirituality, romance, health, work, recreation, finances.

  2. Think of the pies outer edge as being completely satisfied (10) and the centre as being very dissatisfied (0)

  3. Rate your level of satisfaction in each of the areas you've listed by placing a dot in the middle line of each pie slice to indicate the level of satisfaction you have in that area.

  4. After you rate each slice, connect the dots to create the outside perimeter of your pie. What does it look like? Is it round and full or does it look like some areas are not as filled out as others?

  5. Now ask yourself:

  • Are my true values and priorities reflected here?

  • Based on what I see, am I living a balanced life?

  • Am I involved in too many activities? Is there too much on my plate?

  • How much of my time is spent caring for others? For myself?

  • What area(s) need more attention? What needs less attention?

  • Is there a dream or desire that i'd like to focus on?

  • What changes do I want to make? What can I do to ‘round out’ my life?

To move towards a more balanced life,  allow yourself more time for the areas that show gaps - those places where pieces of your pie are missing. When doing so, be sure to focus on the whole picture of your life, not just specific areas.