Lifestyle Audit

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Tool Overview

When we slow down on a behaviour of concern, it can leave a gaping hole in our lives. Often, we find that we have a lot more free time, which used to be filled with activities related to our old behaviour. Also, we may no longer associate with the same group of friends.

The fourth part of the SMART program focuses on helping participants find enjoyable and meaningful activities and to set goals. When people move towards a balanced lifestyle and setting goals, they are less likely to recycle into problem behaviors.

The lifestyle audit allows us to examine the changes we would like to make to our current lifestyle. It can be helpful to have these down on paper to avoid feelings of boredom or loneliness as we start making and maintaining change.

The worksheet asks us to identify things they would like to do more and less of and how we can achieve this.

When to Use This Tool

Whenever planning lifestyle balance.

How To Use This Tool

Answer the questions in the worksheet.

Example Scenarios

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