SMART Recovery Australia – About Us

Strategic Statements

Our Vision

SMART Recovery is accessible and relevant to all.

Our Purpose

Provide accessible evidence-based tools to help people manage addictive behaviours.

Our Social Impact

SRAU empowers people to help themselves and each other manage addictive behaviours for the improvement of the health and social well being of the community.

Our Values


We engage inclusively with the unique circumstances of each individual


People are the expert in their own recovery and have the power to choose to change.


We honour our values and principles


We acknowledge people’s thoughts, feelings, choices, experiences, beliefs and privacy.

Our Principles


People can manage their own behaviours

Mutual Aid

People learn best from each other


People choose their own goals, skills and tools.

Evidence Led

All our programs are based on scientific evidence and we encourage their on-going evaluation


We encourage creative development of our programs in line with new evidence


We welcome opportunities to work with others to achieve common goals

Person Centred

People with a lived experienced are central in guiding what we do.

Harm Minimisation

SMART Recovery Australia supports harm minimisation. Read our position statement here.

Strategic Directions 2019 - 2022


The first SMART Recovery group started in the USA in 1994. SMART Recovery commenced in Australia in 2004. It was piloted and trialled at Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital to offer the community another recovery treatment option.

The pilot program’s success allowed SMART Recovery Australia to become an independent non-profit organisation in 2007. It also enabled SMART Recovery Australia to expand the scope of the program to all addictions, not just alcohol and other drugs. SMART Recovery Australia expanded nationwide at that time.