Promotional Materials

SMART Recovery Australia Promotional Materials

Promotional materials to advertise your SMART Recovery meeting or program can be printed below. This includes SMART Recovery brochures, posters, and participant welcome flyers.


SMART Recovery Australia Brochures

*To be printed on a single double-sided A4 page and folded into DL brochure format*

Includes basic information on the program / meetings, the organisation and telephone numbers for 24 drug & Alcohol support.

Perfect for waiting rooms and to hand to clients wanting to know more about the program.


SMART Recovery Australia Posters

*A4 size, including a blank space to write the time/location of the nearest SMART meeting*

Eye-catching design with basic information about the program and where to find the nearest meeting.

Designed to hang on the wall of hospital, doctor and psychologist waiting rooms, advising of the nearest SMART Recovery meeting.


SMART Recovery Australia Participant Welcome Flyer

*A4 size*

Includes information about the program and a more detailed description of what to expect at a meeting.

Great for introducing the program to clients or new meeting participants that want to know what to expect at a meeting.

About the SMART Recovery program

About the SMART Recovery program in Australia

This document provides an outline of the SMART Recovery program, including some evidence and research supporting its benefits for addiction treatment. It also details our meetings, the history and reach of SMART Recovery in Australia, participant testimonials, as well as the difference between SMART and 12 Steps.

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