Teen & Youth

Teen & Youth Program


SMART Recovery is now running a new training program specifically aimed at professionals who work with Teen & Youth clients.


The focus of the SMART Teen & Youth program is on changing problematic behaviour in the ‘here and now’ through learning and applying the SMART 4-Point principles. The program encourage its young participants to come up with their own solutions with the help and support of the group, the facilitators and other supportive adults who wish to participate in the groups.


Each week they will learn a new section of the SMART 4-Point Program, have an opportunity to ‘check in’ with questions and comments, or share any particular problems they are having. Before leaving the group each week they set an achievable goal for the next seven days.


If you are interested in learning to facilitate SMART groups for Teen/Youth contact: E: smartrecovery@srau.org.au | P: (02) 9373 5100



Purchase specially adapted TEEN & YOUTH SMART Recovery Participant Manual:


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