Be SMART: Family and Carers program

8 Week Family & Carer’s support program for people affected by the addictive behaviours of someone close to them.

Aims of the program include:

  • Motivation to change
  • Self care & self rewards
  • Assertive communication
  • Safety & support
  • Problem solving
  • Coping with lapses

Being in a close relationship to someone with an addiction can be like riding an emotional rollercoaster. Grief, anger, resentment, frustration, hope, disgust and disappointment can all be part of a volatile mix.

With so much time and energy focussed on the problems of the other person, it can be easy to lose sight of what is important in your own life.

The Be SMART Program has been designed to assist people who are affected by the addictive behaviour of someone close to them. The program aims to help participants develop more effective coping strategies and find a greater sense of fulfilment.

The program recognises that being in a close relationship with someone struggling with an addiction can be a frustrating, painful and sometimes lonely journey, in which it is easy to lose one’s bearings. Rather than focussing on the other person, the program invites participants to spend some time concentrating on themselves and their goals, an area they may have been neglecting for some time. It also includes looking at some of their habitual responses to the other person and exploring whether these are helpful or not.

The eight-week group program explores ways that participants can look after themselves better, even in difficult and stressful circumstances, and promote healthier relationships with the other person.


Organisations and individuals interested in running the Be SMART program can contact head office for more information and training registration.

Be SMART Training Course:
Duration: 1 day (9:30am – 5pm)
Cost: $400+GST

P: (02) 9373 5100
E: smartrecovery@srau.org.au


Be SMART | Worksheets

The following are worksheets adapted from the Be SMART program to provide a brief sample of the program.

These worksheets can also be a good starting point and provide new ideas for those dealing with a loved one’s addiction.

  1. Making a Change
  2. Self-Care
  3. Assertive Communication
  4. Problem Solving
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