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Strengths-based approaches: mutual support, youth justice (CRE)

The 2021 Symposium Series for the Centre of Research Excellence: Indigenous Health and Alcohol showcases the research being conducted by the Centre’s students and early career researchers.

All presenters are Aboriginal themselves and so bring a unique insight into the challenges and opportunities in this field.

The second webinar of the Symposium will be co-presented by SMART Recovery Australia Research Advisory Committee member and Worimi woman, Liz Dale. 

The webinar is titled, ‘Strengths-based approaches: mutual support, youth justice’ and will be presented by Liz Dale and Dr Sharynne Hamilton, and chaired by with Annalee Stearne. 

It will be a one hour online symposium including a Q&A at the end.

The webinar is free to attend and will take place at 11:30am (AEST) September 16, 2021. 

The role of peer support in treatment: The latest on research and practice

Watch Associate Professor Victoria Manning, Head of the Research and Workforce Development unit at Turning Point, and Associate Professor in Addiction Studies at Monash University and Crystal Clancy, CoordinatorPeer Projects, Self Help Addiction Resource Centre (SHARC), presenting on the ‘The role of peer support in treatment: The latest on research and treatment’. The discussant for the webinar was Heather Pickard, ACEO, Self Help Addiction Resource Centre (SHARC).

Methamphetamine and Mutual Support

Methamphetamine and mutual support: A mixed methods exploration of SMART Recovery participants’ characteristics and opportunities for enhanced referral pathways

Dr Alison Beck is a Clinical Psychologist & Trial Coordinator at the University of Wollongong. Dr Beck is also a member of the SMART Recovery Australia Research Advisory Committee.

Walkthrough of new SMART Recovery app - SMART Track

The purpose of this webinar is to showcase SMART Track – a new SMART Recovery app designed to help people manage addictive behaviours.

Host: Dr Alison Beck
Who is it for? SMART Recovery Facilitators, AOD & mental health treatment providers, people interested in using or recommending the app, or anyone simply curious about how it works.

Information on Routine Outcome Monitoring (ROM) plus feedback in SMART Recovery Australia: a feasibility study examining SMART ROM (SMART Track App)

SMART Recovery Australia recently took part in the Evaluation and Innovation Webinar Series jointly hosted by NSW Health and the Network of Alcohol and Other Drugs Agencies and to showcase the development, feasibility and acceptability of a new SMART Recovery phone app, SMART Track. The app, which is available now app stores, is designed to support SMART Recovery participants to regularly enter self-monitoring data across a range of domains (e.g. substance use, mental health, wellbeing) and to provide participants with tailored feedback. The presenter of this webinar was the study Trial Coordinator and SMART Recovery Australia Research Advisory Committee member, Dr Alison Beck.

Centre of Research Excellence: Indigenous Health + Alcohol

Dr Liz Dale is a Worimi woman completing a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Wollongong. Her thesis focuses on understanding the cultural suitability and helpfulness of SMART recovery for Indigenous Australians. Through collaborations with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander SMART facilitators and group members, Liz’s research will deliver practical recommendations regarding the most culturally appropriate way to deliver SMART Recovery groups with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participants. The team at SMART is super excited that Liz’s work will inform better ways of working with Aboriginal facilitators and participants. You can listen to her explaining her research below.

SMART Recovery: A summary of the research

Presented by Dr Peter Kelly, Deputy Director – Head of Research, School of Psychology

The presentation will provide an overview of the research that is being conducted examining SMART Recovery.

Dr Carlo DiClemente in conversation

SMART Recovery Australia recently hosted an exclusive live interview with Dr Carlo DiClemente, the co-creator of the Stages of Change Model, which is a key component of the SMART Recovery program.

Dr Carlo DiClemente answered a range of questions around the Stages of Charge model and SMART Recovery, focussing on how to enable sustained behaviour change, as well as looking at strengths based approaches to learning, sticking to and staying with change.

Hosted by SMART Recovery Australia National Program Manager, Dr Angela Argent.

An interview with Dr Joe Gerstein - Founding President of SMART Recovery

A history of SMART Recovery and its Founding President. You will learn how SMART Recovery started, how it was introduced into Australia and how it is now an international organisation. The interview is conducted by acclaimed journalist, author and SMART Recovery Australia Board Member, Jenny Valentish.

From Motivation to Management: Q&A with Dr William R Miller

Co-founder of Motivational Interviewing Dr William R Miller joins SMART Recovery Australia’s Dan Raffell for a one off Q&A session. Dr Miller answers questions around Motivational interviewing – a key component of SMART Recovery meetings.

Motivational Interviewing as a Brief Intervention

Motivational interviewing is foundational to facilitating SMART groups. Join National Program Manager Dan Raffell and Dr Monica Moore in discussing motivational interviewing as a brief intervention within a SMART Recovery group setting.

Trauma Informed Practice | In conversation with Dr Cathy Kezelman AM

Host: SMART Recovery Australia National Program Manager – Dr Angela Argent
Guest: President of Blue Knot Foundation National Centre of Excellence for Complex Trauma – Dr Cathy Kezelman AM

By being ‘trauma-informed,’ you can help support healing and recovery for trauma survivors attending your SMART meeting.

Building Confidence as a Facilitator

SMART Recovery Australia National Program Managers Dan Raffell and Josette Freeman teach methods for building confidence as a SMART Recovery Facilitator. The webinar is about refreshing skills and learning from other facilitators across Australia about what are the tips, tricks and challenges of running SMART Recovery meetings.

Understanding and Translating the Research Evidence for SMART Recovery into Better Outcomes for SMART Participants

Dr. Peter Kelly and Dr. Alison Beck explore the research evidence for working with SMART Recovery, in conversation with SMART Recovery Australia’s National Program Manager, Dr. Angela Argent.