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I love SMART because it can be applied to anyone who wants to make change. It doesn’t matter if you have an issue with alcohol or drugs or you just want to make changes around a healthier lifestyle (like my Netflix binges!), you can apply the SMART principles to any areas of your life. I really love seeing participants come into the meetings with a purpose and leaving with a plan. Seeing people equip themselves for a more fulfilled life is a great privilege to be part of.

I really enjoy seeing those who attend training grow and develop even in such a short space of time. Being a facilitator of SMART isn’t easy and even though some may feel overwhelmed to begin with it is amazing to see them ‘get it’ and start to apply some new skills and go onto to running their own groups.

I have been in the Human Services sector since 2002. Originally from Scotland I started of as a volunteer working in Edinburgh City Mission working with people experiencing homelessness. I went on to gain valuable experience delivering peer education for Youth and then working for 6 years in a residential rehabilitation program with drug and alcohol addictions. I then moved to Down Under and have worked with many NGO’s holding positions as a mental health worker, AOD counsellor with Youth and a manager of a multi-site residential program for children in care. I have been with SMART for 2 years now and I love it. Over the years I have completed an Honours Degree in Addiction Studies, Diploma in Counselling and I also have Mental Health qualifications. I am currently completing a Diploma in CBT. I have had some random jobs over the years from working in a poultry farm, a short spell as a forklift truck driver and also as a qualified landscape gardener. I also trained as a croupier in a casino and worked as a Golf Caddy at St Andrews Old Course.

I have immersed myself into family life over the last few years. I have a 5 year old son and a 2 year old little girl who keep me very busy. I enjoy sports such as Football (Soccer for those who get confused) playing golf and generally being outdoors. I enjoy music and also play the guitar (ask my neighbours if I am any good). Although my life now is very settled and content, pre-2002 it was a very different story. Let’s say I walked on the other side of the tracks from the profession I am in now and this has given me an education that I could cannot learn from a book. This has given me the drive and passion to dedicate my energy into this type of profession.

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