Josette Freeman


A picture of Josette smiling with plants in the background

I like the simplicity of SMART Recovery. It is very practical and solution-focused and I like the fact that people can get it very easily. It is rewarding to see people making changes, no matter how small.

I love meeting new people and I enjoy the challenge of training people that I have no idea who or what they are like. Mostly this is a very positive experience. It is good to see the group cohesion after the 2 days of training and their appreciation that they have learnt a new program and new skills.

I have had several different jobs in my life, including waitressing, picking grapes, picking hops, working on a building site and selling watches!! But my ‘serious’ work was nursing and counselling. I am a registered nurse and specialised in paediatric oncology and palliative care. By sheer coincidence I moved in to the drug and alcohol field and worked across the different areas - detox, methadone clinic and counselling. After studying Counselling and Community Development I was lucky enough to be working at Sydney St Vincent’s Hospital when SMART Recovery was starting and they needed a Coordinator to manage it. Me!

I am a people-person so always ready for a chat! My 3 lovely daughters keep me in line! Out of work, I love reading, the beach, hiking and eating out! I travelled extensively in my pre-marriage and babies days and have continued to travel as much as I can. The travel bug has never left me so am always planning the next trip!

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