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Addiction is arguably the biggest killer in Australia today, not to mention the social problems it contributes to, such as homelessness, family breakups, domestic violence and other crime.

Addiction affects all socio-economic and geographic groups throughout the country, from affluent families in Sydney’s east to rural and remote communities in the Northern Territory.

Despite addiction problems being so widespread and indiscriminate across our vast continent, addiction recovery services are too often merely available to those in urban areas who can physical attend face-to-face meetings.

SMART Recovery Australia seeks to broaden research-backed addiction treatment in Australia by establishing interactive and real-time digitally hosted addiction recovery group meetings, for those unable to physically attend ‘face-to-face’ meetings.

This would service people affected by addictive behaviours located in rural and remote areas of Australia, as well as the disabled and immobile, ‘fly–in/fly-out’ workers (e.g. mining), Indigenous communities, youth groups, and defence personnel.

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