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SMART Recovery Australia Online Meetings

SMART Recovery online meetings run weekly and are free to attend for anyone seeking assistance for addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling, cigarettes, food, etc. The meetings run for 90mins and are guided by a trained facilitator. Participants aren’t required to appear on camera, the meetings are conducted using a combination of voice and the text chat box feature. You can register for various different online meeting times below.

MOBILE USERS PLEASE NOTE: Our online meetings are best accessed via laptop or desktop computers. As well as using audio, the meetings encompass a text chat box feature that isn’t visible for mobile and tablet users. If the facilitator needs to mute everyone’s audio, the chat box is the only way to communicate – which means mobile are unable to participate. If you must attend using your mobile phone, please ensure there is no background noise. Additionally, in order to access the meeting, mobile and tablet users will need to download the GoToTraining app and must contact head office at least 4hrs prior to the meeting to receieve the meeting ID number.


We are trialling a new system for Monday and Tuesday night meetings;

Click the following link to register for Monday night meetings – 8:30pm -10pm (AEDT):


Click the following link to register for Tuesday night meetings – 8:00pm -9:30pm (AEDT):




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