SMART Recovery Australia Chairperson

Introducing new
Brett Savill.

Emily Carstairs
Content Manager

Meet Brett Savill.

Brett is the new Chairperson of SMART Recovery Australia. Yes, he is on the board of the organisation so he has to crunch the numbers and keep the rest of the crew in line but he’s obviously much more than that.

Brett is originally from England but moved to Australia 15 years ago. He lives in Pymble, Sydney with his wife and has two children currently studying at University. He loves the arts, particularly theatre and literature, and is a fan of sports but, sadly, not AFL. Rugby, soccer and golf are his sports of choice. I guess we will just have to accept that …

Brett has more of a corporate history, having worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers for a number of years, and is now at a smaller company that is listed on the ASX doing great things.

That said, Brett can not be defined by the sum of his parts,

It may seem a bit left of field as to why he chose to dedicate his time to SMART when thinking about his more corporate work history, but Brett states, “I’ve reached a stage in my career that I’d like to give back …”

With gushing respect for his fellow constituents, Brett says, “People have joined SMART Recovery because they feel like they’ve got something to add and want to contribute so it’s now up to me to provide a framework in which they can.”

When questioned why SMART Recovery appealed to him in his choice of board positions, he states that it really stemmed from the realisation of just how passionate about the cause that the people working and volunteering there are, and also how much of a positive impact they are continually having on peoples’ lives. In Brett’s words, “I chose a position that I felt I had some connection with and a link to the mission.”

The idea of SMART got him contemplating … “When I first came to SMART, I did think about people around me with addictive behaviours and it surprised me how many people that I know that have gone through some kind of addiction in the past or are currently living with addictive behaviours.”

In terms of his intended goals for his time at SMART Recovery, Brett is aiming to be able to look back on his influence on the organisation and say that he has helped to allow SMART to reach its full potential. “The board is really about the governance of the organisation and making sure that everything is going according to plan, and then it’s about taking the skills, the unique things of all the individual board members, and trying to help accelerate what SMART Recovery is trying to achieve.”

Brett believes that the research into what SMART Recovery does has proven that what it has applied it to makes a real difference and helps so many people get on top of their addictions. Brett is also very committed to growing the ‘Family & Friends’ SMART Recovery program as he is committed to encouraging SMART to assist a wider range of people and grow the organisation in an extremely positive way.

And, in fabulous news, as a direct quote from Brett … “Hopefully we’ll have a bit of fun on the way!”

A not so secret interesting NB: Brett’s Grandfather went to New Zealand and married a Kiwi. Brett’s mother was a Kiwi and went to England and married an Englishman. And… Brett is an Englishman that has married a Kiwi. It must be kismet!

Welcome to SMART Recovery Australia Brett!

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