Andrew works as a lecturer at the Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM) in the areas of Strategy and Organisational Behaviour, and as an adviser to leading companies on a broad range of strategy topics, with particular focus on performance transformation, organisational development and customer experience excellence.

 Andrew draws upon a variety of cross industry experience to provide engaging and empowering consultation and facilitation in the private and public sector, helping senior executives to position organisations for growth and improved performance. Andrew has been generous enough to contribute his time to our blog – read on below!


You recently joined the Board of Directors for SMART Recovery Australia. What attracted you to the organisation?


I have seen firsthand the impact that addiction can have on the lives of individuals and their families. To join an organisation whose purpose it is to equip people with the tools and techniques to manage these challenges really resonated with me.

You have significant experience in management and organisational behaviour. What would you like to see improve in those regards at SMART Recovery Australia?



SMART Recovery has an incredible story made possible by the amazing work of our trainers, facilitators and attendees. Helping to ensure as many people as possible hear about SMART Recovery and the services provided is what really excites me about joining.

As an industry thought leader, what is your philosophy on business, and how would you apply that to SMART Recovery Australia?

My philosophy has always been if you take great care of your employees, they will look after your customers and those customers will not only come back but they will tell others.

Applying that to SMART Recovery Australia, if we do a great job taking care of our trainers and facilitators, they will look after our attendees and ensure they have the best possible SMART Recovery experience which means they will not only come back, but they will tell others about SMART which will enable us to positively impact the lives of even more people.

What do you enjoy most about your position lecturing at Macquarie University?

Becoming a leader is a huge responsibility. When you become a leader you play a critical role in the lives of the people you lead, and their families. I wanted to ensure that the leaders of tomorrow were equipped to handle this responsibility. To be able to shape my students thinking and challenge them to consider leadership in this way is really enjoyable.

Finally, as a Tigers supporter, what are your thoughts on how the boys will travel in the new NRL season?

This part of the year always fills me with optimism but I must say, I am usually pretty disappointed relatively early on in a new season. In 2018, we are four weeks in and the team has had three wins and just one loss so let’s just say the optimism is at a record high! As long as they do their best every week I know they will do well.