The past few weeks have felt more like a few months. Is it really only April? Was it really only in March that many of us were confined to our homes?

It can feel daunting in these uncertain times to get anything done at all. However, with so many people confined to quarters, we can also see this as an opportunity.

Removing commute time and the closure of many venues used for extracurricular activities such as gyms, cafes and restaurants has opened up hours in the weeks of countless Australians. 

Many people are using this time to reconnect with their families and enjoy being home for dinner every night of the week. Others are taking full advantage of their walk times and seeing their local areas in a new light. Still other Australians are learning instruments, practicing skills they thought they’d forgotten, or investing in the sort of home gym setup that Mark Wahlberg could only dream of.

We ordinarily would be running several SMART Recovery Facilitator Training events every month at this time of year, but the closure of all non-essential gatherings has put a big hole in our calendar.

What better way to continue upskilling than by working on our online training program?

Our online training is available on demand, at half the price of face to face, and provides a full, in-depth guide to running a SMART meeting. Packed with videos, engaging tutorials, and the theory behind the SMART program, you can access our online training as often (or as rarely) as you wish, and always go back if there’s something you feel like you missed.

On top of that, support from SMART Recovery Australia’s national program managers is only ever a click or a phone call away.

Organisations interested in training may be eligible for an online training grant through NADA: