Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just show up at a group or do I need to book in?

You can just show up at a group and do not need to book, unless it is a ‘closed’ group.

What is a 'Closed' group?

A Closed group is group that is held at an agency/organisation and only for people who are attending that particular organisation.

What happens in a group?

The group lasts 90 minutes and there are no breaks. It is for all addictions and the associated behaviours such as depression, anxiety and anger. It is a mutual-aid interactive group where people are all there to help themselves and help each other. People report back on how their last week has been, discuss the agenda item they have put forward and what their plans are for the coming week. The SMART Recovery tools are taught and used during the meeting.

Do I need to take anything with me to a meeting?


Do I have to pay anything?

There is no cost to attend a meeting however we would appreciate a gold coin donation from you at the end of the meeting. This helps in supporting the facilitators and the SMART Recovery program around Australia.

Will the Facilitator write me a letter for Court or my lawyer?

No. The facilitator does not write letters but will sign an attendance sheet after you have attended 5 meetings. You will need to print off an attendance sheet from our website.

Can I bring my partner or children to a group?

Children are not permitted at a SMART Recovery meeting.

You may want your partner to come to the group with you for the 1st time if you are feeling very anxious but it is not recommended that your partner comes to meetings after that. It is necessary to check with the other group members if they are comfortable with having partners sitting in on a meeting.

What do I do if I have a problem with the Facilitator or the group that I am attending?

You can write an email (this can be anonymous) to our Head Office [email protected] and we will follow up on the complaint.


Got a question? Email us at [email protected] or call: 02 9373 5100