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Online addiction forums and support meetings

Online SMART Recovery meetings

Not just a support group, SMART Recovery meetings are guided by trained facilitators that provide practical, evidence-based tools for overcoming any addiction or problematic behaviours. Our interactive online SMART Recovery meetings allow you to experience all the benefits of our face-to-face meetings, in the privacy, comfort and convenience of your own home.

Get support and encouragement from people like you

Our peer-to-peer support forums provide a private and dedicated space for individuals dealing with any addictive or problematic behaviour (alcohol, drugs, gambling, food, shopping, sex, etc) to share experiences, support and encouragement.


All user content, including forum posts, comments and replies, are moderated by SMART Recovery Australia staff. This means that we reserve the right to remove, edit or not publish commentary we deem not to contribute to constructive conversation on wellbeing and issues pertaining to addiction, problem behaviours and the SMART Recovery program.
You can report any comments that you believe are misleading, untruthful or offensive.

The SMART Recovery Australia Community is an online space where people share ideas, issues and addiction experience. This might include news or stories from a local community that an individual thinks is worth sharing. We do moderate the discussion, but we do not vet all information or take responsibility for the accuracy of posts made to the SMART forums.

You are free to contribute to the community without using your real name. You are required to agree to our Community Guidelines, register a username that you choose and provide your Australian email address.

You can provide additional personal details via your Community profile whenever you choose.

Personal information should only be provided via your profile and never in general discussion.

Your online profile is accessed via a secure link that encrypts data sent between your computer and the website. SMART Recovery Australia takes reasonable steps to ensure that personal data provided in this way is stored securely by our web host service. See our Privacy Policy.

This is a private community and therefore your forum posts and activity will only be visible to SMART Recovery Australia community members. Your comments might help another member better understand the SMART Recovery program and could make a difference for another member or contribute to an important knowledge base of addiction issues and experiences that can be used to improve healthcare for all Australians.

You may join the SMART Recovery Australia community at no cost. However, we rely on the generosity of our supporters so any donations large or small are greatly appreciated.-

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