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This is for Orders within Australia only – if you are ordering for outside Australia please email with your order and we will get back to you with the postage charges

Start-up Kit

Includes a facilitator manual, 2 member manuals, Quick Start DVD, 5 posters and  50 brochures. (only for FACILITATORS)

$75.00 incl. p&h

SMART Handbook

The enclosed materials will provide you with a number of tools and ideas to help you grow and develop toward your ultimate goal of recovery.

$20.00 plus p&h

Facilitator Training Manual

SMART Recovery Australia’s Facilitators Training manual: This how-to manual provides an overview of how to start a SMART Recovery group meeting, and also serves as a refresher for individuals who have been leading groups for some time.  (only for FACILITATORS)

$20.00 plus p&h

Facilitating a Basic SMART Recovery Meeting (DVD)

Designed to attract and train new facilitators. An important tool for anyone wishing to start a meeting. This video was made possible, in part, by a grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and was produced at the 2003 Training Program.

$15.00 plus p&h

Facilitating an Advanced SMART Recovery Meeting (DVD)

Features Jonathan von Breton and Emmett Velten’s training program presentation that reviews our program tools. This video presentation intends to help SMART Recovery® meeting facilitators address some of the more significant issues that can arise during SMART Recovery® meetings. 1 hour, 23 minutes.

$15.00 plus p&h

Who we are (DVD)

Provides an overview of the program and is a great tool to acquaint people with our program concepts. 14 minutes, 30 seconds.

$15.00 plus p&h

The SMART Recovery 4 point program (DVD)

Features Dr. Joseph Gerstein and Dr. Michler Bishop. They review each of our 4 program points, their underlying principles, and the specific tools and techniques we use to help individuals. 1 hour, 7 minute.

$15.00 plus p&h

Quick Start CD (CD)

This Quick-START SMART Recovery CD was developed as a compilation of some of the best parts of SMART Recovery Online (SOL). The genesis of this CD is to give new members a jump start to their experience at SMART Recovery. We have organized the Basics, some “Best of” pearls and some important elements a first-time user might have some difficulty finding. (If you participate in Face-to-Face meetings, this CD will be beneficial to you, as well!) By supplying these assets early on we hope to enrich your experience with SMART Recovery and improve your recovery efforts. You may also find that your early exposure to these resources assists you in using the website and seeking those areas that most interest you.

$15.00 plus p&h